Is There Any Other Place To Get Proofgrade Materials?

Is there any other place to get proofgrade materials? They’re almost never available in the shop and I need another option just in case.


Joann’s maybe. But Proofgrade is Glowforge’s own product, so…

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I’ve looked there, is there any link to a listing?

Not sure. Proofgrade supply is spotty, you’re probably better off stocking up when it’s in.

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That’s the plan.

Make sure you check everyday to see if anything becomes available. I see things come in stock and sold out the same day. So the early bird gets the worm. Lol

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Yeah, I don’t see a listing on the Glowforge shop for Proofgrade worms, so the early bird must have taken them all. :wink:


There is maple plywood and poplar available as well as shiny black an a couple kinds of green, plus yellow in acrylic and some leather :unamused:

Thank You

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