Is there anybody there?


First Inkscape project where it didn’t get passed around all the programs on my hot bar like some………cold in the winter (was going to come up with another analogy there but it’s not 9 o’clock yet) so be gentle. It’s really hard to see, even when zoomed in and enhanced a dozen or so times, but the letter z disappeared at some point so I went back in and meticulously added it freehand, no really that is freehand, I promise I’m not just saying it. What kind of lousy spirit uses the letter z anyway?

The idea came to me as I’m trying to get some responses from Glowforge but without success. Thought I’d give this a try instead. Please please please know that I write this with my tongue firmly in my cheek!

In other news the alignment seems to be getting better and better!

This is 5.8mm (0.230inch?) filthy dirty, wash your mouth out with soap non proofgrade birch ply, a4 size (actually it’s very good ply, very flat too (unlike the proofgrade ply I got that’s warping like it’s trying to escape a Klingon attack!))

Engrave was a totally arbitrary 700 zooms by 70 pews. The puck(?) was cut out by decreasing the zooms at maximum pews in 2 passes and way too over the top! Got to go back to the forum or test cuts to dial that it. Now I understand the handiness of a engrave chart for materials.

Enough talk. To the picture!


Cute! Let us know if they are more responsive this way… :wink:

(Isn’t the Planchette supposed to be heart shaped?)


I lol’d, I like it when people take their frustrations and turn them into nice and funny creations.


Planchette! Thank you @eflyguy! You might be right, it may not work without the heart shape.


Everything is an opportunity!


Bwahahahaha! This is not the first ouija board I’ve seen on this forum but it’s certainly the most unusual!


Thank you, I’ll take unusual! As you mentioned it, just searched for “ouija” in the forums and found some cracking projects! The wallet one and the beta project one were awesome!


ROFL! I foretell a run on Ouija boards. Very funny! (And not a bad idea!) :smile:


I love it! Very well done!:sunglasses:


Unless it is constructed of :proofgrade: and the planchette is :glowforge: shaped your request is routed to Beyond the Manual. :grin:


I really missed a trick there!:laughing:


It was there all along!


That cheeky devil! :smile:


Isn’t the planchette more like a guitar pick shape? (If yours starts moving on its’ own… hope it’s just the air-assist !!!):ghost:


That would be a great way to have a series of magnetic coils across the bottom of the board and one of those small neodymium magnets in the planchette then you could play the observers like a violin as by “Messages from beyond” you could be meaning the next room!