Is This a Problem?

Does anyone else find themselves walking around the house looking for things that “need” to made on your Glowforge? I don’t even have the machine yet and I’m constantly found myself looking for things I need to make when I get the machine.


Start writing the ideas down, you’ll be glad you did!


Sure do! Door stops, coasters, pegboard holders, stackable boxes, phone stands, pen holders, signs… I haven’t made anything to sell, just for our house. Love it! And take full advantage of the “free designs” (personal use only) to get you started. The people in this community are so giving of what they do, plus you get your own ideas from there. Welcome to the GF family!!


Thank you! Looking forward to designing and making some cool stuff! I’ve started a list. Since I’m a teacher I have all summer to play around with the machine. Don’t plan on selling much, but we’ll just see where this thing takes me.


You may be surprised. I bought mine with no intention of selling anything, purely self-indulgence.
That didn’t stop a couple of businesses (one my daughter manages) from giving me orders for logoed tokens engraved on both sides, those paid for my laser twice over!

Enjoy your adventure :sunglasses:


Sounds good! My parents are members of a wood boat club. There might be something there that can make me a little extra cash. Enough to pay off the machine would be perfect. But, we’ll see.


That’s a great idea, the ability to personalize is your new superpower.

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It never ends! Which is a good problem! At home, at stores, online, you name it I’m trying to find ways to implement my GF into everything! With that being said I’m always blown away by what creative ideas others kindly share on the forums. Great way to stay inspired that’s for sure.


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