Is this a spacing / angle for the exhaust into the filter?

Just wondering on the most optimal setup. I am in a classroom setting so its important to minimize smell as much as possible.

Unfortunately, I cant vent outside…

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Happy cake day.

Your setup should work ok. You may want to trade out the flimsy vent hose for a more substantial one that is less prone to pinholes, and seal the connection points with more than the provided clamp.


What Diameter hose would i buy?

Standard 4". I bought a PVC one used on CNC machines and secured with thumb screwed hose clamps.


I would not fret over the hose. I used it for two years, I never had any leaks. Only reason I switched was because I ran a more permanent 35’ vent.


I don’t think you can get any more optimal, well done :slightly_smiling_face:

Just avoid Draftboard/MDF with your students. It’s inexpensive material but the very worst for filter longevity and will clog your filter in just a few hours. Real Baltic birch plywood, cardboard, chipboard, acrylic and leather have much less impact, you could potentially go several months on one cartridge with those. (Have at least one replacement filter on hand to avoid downtime, sometimes they can be backordered for a while)

And remind the kids : absolutely NO VINYL. Filter won’t save you from destroying the machine.


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