Is this camera shot normal? blurry and not centered over crumb try

Hey glowforge friends… please take a look and advise. Notice the barcode is super blurry… and the whole camera seems to be cutting off the top and left side of the printing bed. I have cleaned the multiple lens as well as the air fan… thoughts?02%20PM

Yes, perfectly normal, and as a matter of fact, better than most.

The camera can see more than we do in the visual that they send back to the app…they limit the view on the screen to the printable area of the bed deliberately.

And it’s normal for the stickers to be a little blurry looking to us, because of the fisheye effect of the lid camera.


ok. thanks for the reassurance!

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No prob! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the help @jules! @WelcomeHomeCustom even though your Glowforge can accomodate materials measuring 12 x 20.4”, the maximum printable area is only 11 x 19.5". The area that is visible in the app is the maximum printable area. I hope this clears things up!

I’m going to close this thread - If you have any other questions feel free to make a new post!