Is this fixable

I am on my second replacement unit . Both being refurbished units and I am so bothered because the second unit I received has been beyond loud from the first moment I received it but I just ignored it since it was working ok with minor issues , but within the last couple months it has only gotten worse. I do the maintenance cleaning and air assist fan cleaning but this machine flares up when cutting and I have checked all my mirrors and so forth , Last time I did a cleaning I noticed this part sticking up and said oh no that does not look normal so i just pressed it down back against the head ( i think that is the name of the part sorry ) My machine is flaring up so much i cannot use it and of course they are saying it is not under warranty…so what am i supposed to do ? is this even fixable or am I screwed ?

Which part did you press down? The cable to the little fan?

(And I’m not sure whether that fan is user replaceable or not…support can let you know.)

If you are having high flames when you print that do not get pushed forward towards the front of the machine, the problem is likely with the air assist fan…it’s located on the back of the carriage plate. That little fan on the head just keeps the flame from damaging the lens.

(Support can get you a replacement carriage plate and air assist fan if that is what it turns out to be. Don’t know how much it is, but it’s cheaper than sending in the machine. And as far as the tiny head fan…I’m not sure.)

Thank you for replying Jules :slight_smile: I have already cleaned the air assist fan on the back of the carriage and the flare ups still happen. My original machine never did this :frowning: I am attaching another photo of the part I am talking about looking abnormal , it is the orange part ( look under my apple logo ) its right under it :slight_smile:

That looks like a standard electronics ribbon to me, and they can be a little flexible, but you don’t want to push on them too many times…I think they can break.

The orange part is the copper circuit wires.

One of the guys who is into electronics can probably tell you more.

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That is the electrical connection for the lens fan, and mine looks just like your first picture, and it works fine.
It sounds like your air assist fan isn’t working, but unless I’m mistaken there should be an error message displayed in the UI if that fan malfunctions.

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Can you take a picture of the pins on the bottom of the head and the gold pads they make contact with on the plate? also check if they spring back when pressed in, sometimes they can get stuck and that might cause issues with the air assist fan. Is your machine still cutting through the material?

I see you also emailed us and I’ve just followed up with the next steps there.

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