Is this going to damage anything?

Can anyone tell me if I can just take out the crumb tray and spray my fan with contact cleaner? The last time I cleaned this fan I feel like I did it from the bottom. I could be wrong but my GF is not cutting all the way thru and my fan obviously needs to be cleaned. Wondering if I can just set it down like it is pictured and spray it down and clean it like this?


I’d clean mine in the position you have yours. I would use a more precise approach, not a spray. Spray fluids have a bad habit of winding up where you don’t want it.

I’d recommend pipe cleaner + 91% isopropyl alcohol (less water than 70%). The pipe cleaner (dry first) will fit down between the vanes of the fan and get residue in there. Then fold the pipe cleaner so it’s more brush-like and address the outer surface.

A makeup brush if you have one (large brush with soft bristles) will sweep away the loose debris more safely than compressed air in my opinion.

Then wet the pipe cleaner with alcohol and do the inner/outer cleaning again.

Also, search the forum for more info; I think there are lots of posts about successful/unsuccessful cleaning of small parts.


I don’t let mine get that dirty. It’s not hard to clean it!

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Ditto to everything @kelley1 said - avoid wild sprays

That being said, if that fan is that dirty you should definitely also be checking your air assist fan!


If you do use any electronic cleaning spray, or air, be sure to push the lens of the laser further into the head. This fan has a tunnel that can get behind that lens and blast the dust and gunk into the cavities of the mirror and side laser lens. With the adjustable lens being pushed up as far as it will go, it will be above that tunnel. Still a better idea to dry brush as much of it away and try to use a compressed air can from the inside of the tunnel. Here are some pics of me using a long bristled, soft toothbrush to clean mine.

The toothbrush I use

My lens being pushed up all the way, with a picture of the wind tunnel

Before cleaning

After cleaning

I only dry brush and used compress air and this is how clean my fan looks after a minute of cleaning. I’d also recommend cleaning your lenses since the head is out and particulate could have settled on them after cleaning, or you may have touched them. Oh and when I do use the toothbrush, I hold the laser head so that the fan is facing the ground, and brush so that the majority of the dust will fall downwards. This helps to make sure I’m not just brushing it all into the laser head.


Thanks Kelley. I’m not sure what percentage the alcohol I have at home is but I am just leaving Hobby Lobby and got pipe cleaners. I will try your suggestion.


Thank you! That’s is also very helpful. I ended up spraying contact cleaner on a pipe cleaner and it worked great. I found out what you mean about the particulate going everywhere tho, lol. I’m currently engraving a cutting board and when it went to center, little pieces fell out on to the board. I did clean all the lenses and noticed that the wind tunnel did have some in it, so cleaned that too. Surprisingly, the larger fan at the back of the until didn’t look half as bad as this one. I think I missed something the first time I tried to clean it. It’ll be much easier to keep clean, now that I have done it properly. Thanks!!


These are great instructions and pics, thanks!

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