Is this how to get a refund?

I’m working with @pip right now on getting yet another machine sent to my house and people have been telling me that I might just not have luck with any of your plus models.

I don’t want to talk with pip about this because he currently working on getting me yet another machine and I have lost faith in your customer service. So if I bother him with these issues. I’m going to end up having to wait longer for yet another machine.

I used to be happy with you guys. But I don’t want another refurb unit. This is embarrassing. You guys sold me a brand new unit that died quickly- 2 weeks in. Then you keep sending me refurbs that break in this plus version.

This is not fair. I can’t even say I own a new unit lol
I was told to follow the information below.
I would love to be with your company and hope we can work something out. But I need a tracking number within 24hrs showing shipped or would like to discuss an upgrade or my money back.

If I want my money back can I simply just ask since I’m under warranty or do I have to do the following what was recommended below.
I have lots lots of money because of these past machines. I need reassurance that your company has my back finally or just wants to pay me what I paid and let me go as a customer. Either way I don’t care I have an Orion.
Ideally I want my money back since I’m not a mover and I don’t want to have to keep sending you back machines anymore.
But if you can actually wow me this time with some really great news - I will be happy

Below sounds like a lot of fun- I’m ptsd and disabled. So pretty much with One of my machines broken right now. I have tons of time on my hands. I been on these forums for days now trying to get my machine changed and you guys just drag your feet.

Also this whole month of my subscription should be comped due to not being able to use it as much since this problem is a faulty hose and not a issue I caused.

Copy and pasted -
This is what I was told to do - you guys are costing me 1000s of dollars with all these refurb machines. Let talk
You can Pick up a phone and call me as well. 5855005612. I don’t mind if my numbers public. Im very aware and I just don’t care anymore.

For Refund - Follow instructions below. (From the glowforge Community)
…but if you want your money back from them directly… it’s time to start making it impossible for them to ignore you.

1.) go on Google Maps, search for Glowforge and leave a TERRIBLE Google review about them.
2.) go on and file a complaint against them for fraudulent business practices (I’ll give you examples if you need them, but you won’t… this will catch their attention). make sure you mention that you want ALL of your money back and that you are NOT paying to ship it back to them, it’s on their dime.
3.) open a new Glowforge case/ticket daily (or hourly, if you’re as feisty as I was), letting them know that the FTC complaint has been filed and that you’ll await their response for how to return the machine for a full refund.

you’ll hear from someone shortly after you start the war. they might even tell you someone will call you on the phone… but they won’t actually call.

that’ll just be more ammunition for the war. :joy:

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Terms for a refund are posted publicly.


  • Unopened Glowforge Basic, Plus, Pro, or air filter package(s) within 30 days of shipment with its original receipt: You will receive a refund for your purchase price, less shipping and a 10% restocking fee.
  • Opened Glowforge Basic, Plus, or Pro unit, unused, within 30 days of shipment with its original receipt, with all original materials and packaging, undamaged: You will receive a refund for your purchase price, less shipping and a 15% restocking fee.
  • Opened Glowforge Basic, Plus, or Pro, unit used up to 50 prints, no visible wear or damage, within 30 days of shipment with its original receipt, with all original packaging and materials except the Proofgrade Materials, undamaged: You will receive a refund for your purchase price, less shipping and a 30% restocking and refurbishment fee.
  • After 30 days or 50 prints, whichever comes first, your Glowforge Basic, Plus, or Pro unit is no longer eligible for return

These are the terms you agreed to when you purchased. If you’re within those conditions, you should be fine.

Technically I’m eligible as my lawyer stated. First machine never made it past two weeks. Email me your ideas or initiate a refund please! I will get to work on my reviews and the BBB.

many thanks. Look fwd to your email.

You might want to get in touch with your legal department to see that I’m correct. I want to work with you. But a new machine. Not a refurb is in order and needs to be shipped 24-48hrs from you saying yes.


Hi @jasonmontello,

Thanks for taking the time to chat. I’m going to follow up with the next steps directly over our email thread, so I’m to close this one.