Is this normal? Lost and need help

Sssooo I want to know if anyone has experienced similar issue as me as I am lost. I had my original basic glowforge for 18 months. Then all of a sudden my camera was not working properly. I was sent a black lid cable and during the test cut of the black lid cable, the whole motherboard shorted my entire machine. Has this happen to anyone besides me?

I was then offered a refurbished unit, which I upgraded to a pro from a basic. Since I was out of warranty I paid for about $3600 for the refurbished pro. I have not had a working machine since I purchased the refurbished pro. The refurbished pro does not work on the test cuts! I keep going back and forth with customer service and trouble shooting to no avail. My first refurbished unit did not cut on the right side. I cleaned all the mirrors and calibrated the machine. Customer service said the machine should not do this so I return it. I was sent a second refurb model and the same thing. The machine did not engrave or cut on the right side. I cleaned and calibrated the machine. Again this was on the test cut.

I hear refurbished units are tested more thoroughly than the new machines. However I have had lemons. On top of that one of the refurbished units was lost of UPS. I have been without a machine for 5 months and customer service keeps giving me the same run around.

Has this happened to anyone? Should I cut my losses and buy a Mira, Thunder, or Omtech??

That does seem like a run of bad luck. I think you’ll find most of us here are happy with our machines, but you have to do what’s right for you. My patience with a brand isn’t nearly as long as yours has been!


If you want something else I’d suggest boss laser

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And to top it off, UPS/FedEx gives no care to how it handles the packages. While the occasional bad unit the factory, nearly all issues happen with mishandling on the way to the customer. Sideways, upside down, on every side, stepped on, stacked on, dropped, rolled, and I’m sure a few other creative things.

All this leads to the sealed mirror on the left to tweak just a bit out of alignment and bam, no cutting on the right side.

Some have resorted to having the package held at the nearest depot and picking it up instead of taking the bumpy truck to the final destination.

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… which I did, and it was standing on its left side leaning up against the wall when I picked it up - probably for a couple of days because the smaller box with the crumb tray took extra time to show up. It wasn’t until I removed top panel to take out the broken exhaust fan 2yrs later that I saw evidence of all the coolant that had leaked out.

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Yes, Glowforge just asked me to pay another $1125 for a refurbished machine. The thing is I am within warranty and I never received a working refurbished machine. I am beyond sadden by them as a company and confused at their business model. @glowforge

That’s a mistake, someone got confused with the way support tickets get passed around to different people each day. Refurbished machines come with a 90 day warranty, you don’t owe anything to have the one that isn’t working replaced. As others have said, the not cutting on the right side is a shipping damage thing – they cut on both sides before leaving the warehouse, but don’t once they’ve been dropped hard on the way to your house.

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Ok thank you. Can someone respond to my emails? I need to know what to do. With my initial machine I never had issues with shipping but two refurbished machine came defective.

Glowforge staff do not monitor this forum. You can only continue to email them.

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