Is this paint laser safe

Hi. I can’t find any other ingredient info on this paint just what this says on the label. Is this laser safe? I believe so but wanted to verify. Thx

What you want to do for mystery materials is google up the MSDS or SDS (material safety data sheet). It tells you what’s in the product, toxicology and a lot of other safety data. Its not going to say “this is safe to laser” but should give you enough information to judge the risk for yourself.

In your case, this product’s SDS is here - even tho the product label says “100% acrylic” the SDS states 10-30% titanium dioxide and “during fire, gases hazardous to health may be formed”.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t laser it, but it does inform you that you’ll want to vent properly away from anything breathing.


Ok thank you. I do vent everything. I just want to make sure I don’t ruin my machine.

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