Is this the way to go?


Once I completed my Founder’s ruler, I opted for a custom design. Did I go too far with this bathroom sign? It’s my number 2 sign (see what I did there? *second print ever with my new GF)

Okay forgive all the bad puns, like a toddler that’s newly potty trained, I’m just proud of myself (ouch!)



wow that is lovely :blush: (not the jokes, the sign hahaha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


Ok … where is the #1 sign? :glowforge::sunglasses: Honestly, the truth never hurts. Nicely done --> what was the software package de jour?


That IS the #1 sign, 'cause European. LOL


That’s great, I saw another that I will be doing, and that Tinkletorium


I like it! :smile:


Man, after all this time it is SO much fun seeing all these getting delivered!

Very nice design there! :sunglasses:




I used inkscape. And a little photoshop just to streamline problems with royalty free vectors that rendered cropped areas when imported into GF.


Quite an intriguing “number 2” project and very fitting for the porcelain throne. Jokes aside, this looks fantastic!


Are you suggesting the imminent announcement of Proofgrade Porcelin for fabrication of appropriately themed projects? :sunglasses:


Beautiful job!!