Is this the Worx saw some folks are using to cut larger sheets? (on sale at amazon)

Lowest price it’s ever had in amazon goldbox, $39.98. today only (or until it sells out).

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I would also like to know if this thing is any good.

I looked in to this stuff before and the Dremel product, while being smaller and easier to handle, also used abrasive discs which were much more quickly consumed than a proper saw blade.

A competitor to this Worx is a Rockwell saw but many reviewers say the Rockwell is hard to hold.

That looks like a great price!

I had just done a kitchen floor in bamboo, so I procured a HF special 10" compound sliding miter, and its max cut reach is exactly 12", and since the wood I use is almost exclusively :proofgrade: it has saved me buying another tool.

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I have this thing in the cart but am still undecided.

Does anyone know if there is a blade you can get in this size that can be used to cut metal? Not just thin sheet metal. I see a Worx blade for that. I mean something more substantial, like angle iron.


I bought a Dewalt cordless circular saw to re-dimension my sheets. Since I already had a few other tools with that battery. It was on sale for Father’s Day last year and I used my profits from one of my few commissions to buy it.

It cuts through very well, but even though it is smaller than the usual circular saw, it still is a bit big to handle easily. I do have to ensure the materials are well supported on an edge.

I would say that having something with a smaller heft and less bulky would be an advantage. It’s nice to have the cordless, but if I were to buy again, I’d go with something like the Worx.

That said, I often use a carpet knife to score the 1/8" plywood on both sides and then break them. Actually a pretty good break without too much of a loss on the edge to splinters.


I have the Rockwell 4 1/2” saw which is just like this and works great for cutting up sheet ply. That Worx price is fantastic…if I didn’t already have a small saw I’d grab it!

I don’t know if they fit exactly, but yes, you can get metal cutting blades for 4.5 inch saws. There are a variety of them listed on Amazon. You will need to know the proper arbor size.

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I also have the DeWalt. It’s ok for what it is, but I don’t find myself using it much. Anything that it can cut, I will usually just cut on the miter saw, or take a quick cut on the table saw. If you don’t have either of those, or need something more portable, then this should meet those needs.

Edit: I’m referring to the small DeWalt circular saw. I use my larger one all the time.

Thanks. It’s not a deal-breaker but it would be useful.

I’m about to pull the trigger but now who knows what will happen…

I have the Dremel 3.5 inch unit that can also be used as an angle grinder. I haven’t used it a lot, but when I did it worked very well. If all you are doing is small, thin stock, this Worx saw may work well. Something to be aware of is that wood saws often run too fast for plastic and they end up melting or chipping it. I use a small Proxxon table saw for most of my cutting since I can slow it way down to cut plastic and aluminum. Actually, most of my small tools like this are Proxxon. They are expensive, but are repairable and last longer than Dremel and way longer than the cheap stuff.

This may be a little off topic, but this is what I have and it is super nice for quickly cutting down thin sheets to fit into Glowforge.

Ryobi BS904G 9" BANDSAW Green

I bought a plastic blade and it cuts acrylic perfectly even at table saw speeds (aka terrifyingly fast). It’s got a cool stepped profile that somehow cleanly shaves off the kerf without melting it. Not magic but sure feels like it.


There are abrasive cutting discs in different diameters. I use a 4" that is 1/16" thick on my angle grinder to cut steel. It’s like the Dremel cut-off discs but much larger.
Harbor freight has them.

I don’t own this particular saw, But I have the Ryobi varant of this. If you are wanting this to cut thin items under 3/4" get another blade with a higher TPI. The blade that comes in that saw (and the Ryobi) has a low TPI (large gullets) to handle 2x4s. This will produce kick back. Something you don’t want in a handheld device.


Damn all you people for posting all these “great deals” and forcing me to spend money.


I use this Worx saw for cutting down larger sheets, it works great. Although i bought porter cable 12057 blade to go with it. Although make sure you mount it correctly, it has bad reviews cause people mount it backwards so it doesnt cut. It cuts 1/8" material clean.


Thanks much for that blade recommendation!

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