Is this the year for UI changes?

Anyone else hoping for some file organization this year?


Unlikely. I dunno how big the ‘hopper’ is at this point. But there are things from 3 years ago that have not implemented yet.

Since the status of the ‘hopper’ is not visible to us mortals. We have no idea what has been kept for serious consideration or simply ‘deleted’.


I prefer to do that on my computer.

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It never hurts to bump a request.

For newer members, depending solely on the UI to save designs and settings can be risky. They can be lost or changed at any time. Make sure you organize and keep notes on your main device.

What @takitus is referring to is the file view not file management.

As it sits now it shows the last ran file first. So let’s say today I run an op that has 7 parts. So 7 separate files. And my wife runs 5 files. Then I run 3 of them from the fist project again. Now the first two rows have a mix of what I ran and what she ran. Verses something simple like having folders. Where I can keep all the files for a specific project together.

As of now, I have to scroll up and down to find and locate things.


Was just going to ask the same question. How can we push this request?? :smiley: :smiley:

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fwiw, there’s a poor man’s organization way to move things back to the top of the list. if you rename a file, then refresh the browser, that file is now the most recent.


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