Is this why I took vacation time?


Time off from work + Glowforge sitting in the garage = Getting nothing else done.

Bolstered by my other pendant shade, it was time to work on some more.

First up, this guy is loosely based on a chandelier that sits at the entrance to a very old warehouse in town. Every time I drive past it, I salivate at the idea of having that hanging above my front door. Sure, it’s like 3 feet (1m) tall and about a foot wide and would effectively block anyone from entering the house, but one can dream. Or better yet, one can make their own.

Next up is based on lamp shades from the late 70’s and early 80’s. A friend had one I was able to get up close and personal with. With it in mind, I designed one and built this model. I will look forward to making a full size one of this.


Another gorgeous pair! All the lamps are so inspiring! :grinning:


This is close to the meaning of life once our lasers arrive.




A paragraph in a word, there. Possibly a whole freaking essay.


Really like the string one! Neat idea.


Killing it!


Great work! Is that a thin chain between the sections on the last lamp?


No, as it’s just a model it’s about the size of an orange. I just used sewing thread. When I go full size, I’ll have to find a better, thicker string.


Yeah, or I wonder if some kind of wire might look cool in each of the sections. Something like copper look really cool!


I’m thinking colored string, the light reflecting off of it, should pick up some of the hue. Even something along the line of translucent cord, ala Fishing line. Copper, or any metal wire would surely up the price of such a project. Even at this small scale, the amount of sewing thread used was way more than I had expected.


Understand that. I think the colored string would look cool. I would worry a little about fire hazard, but probably is ok if using an LED bulb. Maybe some paracord? Would have a nice, modern look to it.


distance from the bulb is always a matter, too. Far enough from the bulb, anything is safe, even with incandescent or halogen.


I went to Home Depot the other day and took a look in their wire remnant section. They had a 20 foot piece of 6 stranded copper (estimated gauge was about 10 gauge each strand), they didn’t have a price on it so I got it for about $8. You might be able to find something similar.

I only needed about 4 feet to finish the project I was working on, so now I have a LOT of copper wire that I’m not sure what to do with. Thinking that I might want to do some copper wire inlay on something, other ideas welcome!

Or @karzdan, if you live near the MD area, I could certainly just pass it along to you!


Very true. That’s how we’ve been able to use lamps for so long with some shades that look as if they would burst into flames at any moment. ha