ISAM Maker Space Symposium


For all you out there that run or work in Maker Spaces, I just found out that this exists:
Also, @dan and @bailey I thought it would be a good idea for you to attend/demo this in the future. Epilog laser is going to be there (cue the music-DUN DUN DUUUN).


They have a full time sales team to go to events and sell machines… they’re nice folks; I’ve enjoyed talking to them.

We just have Bailey. :slight_smile:


And it’s Cleveland. :smile:


“Just?” You have a powerhouse!


Found this place when I was Glenn a few years ago.


wow - when I read ISAM, I thought, "ISAM (indexed-sequential access method) " (as opposed to a Relational DB which uses sql).

I’d been an “Enterprise Application” web developer for 7 years when I started my current job 12 yrs ago. They had/have a wonderful client-server product that they needed me to put online for them, and they were using an ISAM db. I had no idea what one was, and when they told me that I needed to make a db call (over the network) every time I needed to get info from a different table (rather than doing joins in the db itself) I told them that at any other job I’d be fired for such incompetence. It was a learning experience.

Glad to see the world has evolved to a point where ISAM refers to Maker Spaces rather than antiquated dbs, and no one (other than us old timers) bats an eye.


Man do industry specific acronyms throw us for a loop. Especially when they are unrelated (construction versus automotive versus technology versus military versus …).

Makes my head want to explode :fireworks:


I believe the technical acronym for that is MMHWTE :brain::boom:


Is North Olmsted part of Cleveland? :slight_smile:


Beat me to it! For a one person team @bailey is kicking butt! I know @dan didn’t mean it like that, but someone has to give him crap right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pretty funny. My first IT job was programming for an ISAM (&VSAM) based application. We take relational DB technology for granted now. But they didn’t spring fully formed from the brains of the early developers - it was a progression of capability. Just easy now to wonder that anything less was ever state-of-the-art :smile:


I always thought ISAM was an adjunct standard to COBOL?


Just one more file handler :slight_smile:️ I did use COBOL (& Fortan & RPG & BAL) on the programming side. In addition to ISAM and VSAM we used some variant Btrieve datastores.

And Grace Hopper was old when I started :slight_smile:️ (before the old guy jokes start)


Right near the airport and GRC. Close enough :smile: