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Is there anyone who can engrave a wallet for me with original handwriting (one word) & a monogram on it? I want to give it as a gift, but my Glowforge doesn’t arrive until the end of next month, so I can’t make it myself (I would need you to provide the wallet AND engraving).

If so, please message me! I need it to arrive in CA by March 29th, and couldn’t find anyone on Etsy who could make it in time. :cry:


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Some more details:

Which wallet in particular? How much are you offering to pay for the service? Getting it done and in your hands in 7 days is quite tight. Assume that the wallet you want is on Amazon, that’s 2 days at least to get it, then the engrave design process* with a revision or two, then shipping it to you.

It’ll be tough to get it done in your timeframe, I think you’ll need to get the design worked out in the wallet shipping window if you want by the 29th.

*Hard to know how the revision process might go, but it could be like this:
(Let me see the handwriting you have in mind. Oh sorry that doesn’t have enough contrast, can you redo it in black ink on white paper? Oh sorry, the line thickness is too thin, it won’t engrave well, redo it in sharpie please. OK, how big should it be? Oh, sorry, the wallet is only x" wide, your handwritten note is too long to render well at this size. OK, this new version looks good. Now, about that monogram… what font? What sort of decoration? Oh sorry that font isn’t free, do you want to pay for the license? No? OK, then choose a backup font please. Great, looks pretty good so far. OK, so I ran a test and it turned out the settings were wrong. I’ll need to order a new wallet. Oh I got the new wallet, ran the job but now messed up the alignment or there was some other technical issue. I’ll have to order a new wallet… at which point it’s like March 47th and you’re out of luck.)


LOL “March 47th” :joy: Your revisions section was funny-not-so-funny (yikes!). But very accurate of real-life issues.

I knew it was a serious stretch to rush…might just go with the Etsy vendor who already has the wallet ready and an easy menu to choose from…and just have it arrive late. :pensive: They DO offer to send a nice note ahead of time to say “you have a gift coming”.

Thanks for the feedback!


Hey, that’s a good idea. If you have that in mind it definitely frees your hand.

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Nice gift idea–but be careful if it’s a finished wallet that you know what leather was used, and if it was treated with anything.

And you might want to buy 2, so you have one to test on… though if you get from an Etsy shop, ask them if they could include some of same leather scrap used for the wallet for your testing, though fortunately etching leather is pretty easy–but might be tricky if the wallet is made with thinner leather and is lined–be sure to start with low power and work up to avoid burning thru the leather!

But even ask them if they have a GF and could do the etching for you!
(I do a lot of guitar straps, and custom etch many… and I’ve made some unlined wallets, most with etching for sci-fi/fandom artwork–sold at shows, not yet any listed on my site, and I’m sure I’m not the only leather goods shop on Etsy with a GF!).


Wallets are my specialty! Have a look:

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Your finishing is really good, nice work.

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Hey thank you!

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A HUGE shout-out and big “Thank you” to Andy Mock (Blackthorn Leather)!! He helped me with my request & got it to me in record time! The craftsmanship is SUPERB. I highly recommend him.

Thanks for being such a life-saver, Andy, and for helping me with a very special gift.


My pleasure Angela! I’m honored to be part of this special gift. :hugs:


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