Issue: Centering Error

Issue: Machine is stuck on Centering
Started: 10/09/2019 @~11:00pm

I started off by turning my machine on with a piece of 1/8 wood in the unit. I don’t believe It went through a full bootup cycle before I shut it down because I noticed how dirty it was.

I performed a cleaning using ZEISS wipes like I’ve done about a dozen times since I got the machine. as usual, I turned the Glowforge (GF) off. Removed the crumb tray and shook out any bits of cut wood and char that had fallen into the crumb tray and set it aside. I laid out my blue cutting mat, cleaned it off and set out my Zeiss wipes, blue lens tool, and flashlight so I can see in the unit. I removed the laser head unit, removed the top and took out the mirror. I then used the lens tool to remove the head lens and set them all up on the blue mat.

I cleaned the static lens inside the left side of the GF chassis first, followed by the outside lens on the left of the print head. Then I cleaned the removed print head lens on both sides followed by the mirror from inside the print head. Lastly, I cleaned both camera/sensors under the print head and the lid camera as well. I reassembled the laser print head and reconnected it to the white ribbon cable and returned it to its place on the rolling housing. I finished cleaning the glass tube and lid glass with a soft rag that I sprayed a mild degreaser on followed by a 2nd microfiber rag with some ammonia-free glass cleaner.

When I was done I turned the unit back on and the laser arm/print head did not move and the dashboard was stuck on centering. I turned it off and on again and still, no movement and still stuck on centering. I checked the 5 clips that attach the lid components to the GF control board and none were loose. I have also powered the GF off, reset my modem & router, then turned the GF back on. Still stuck on Centering. Can I get an extra lil black cable?


I have several import jobs I need to get going ASAP. Please help me Tech Support, you are my only hope.

Have you recently cleared the cache for your computer? Do that, as often things back up and affect the communication, and fingers crossed that helps.

Also you said you first had the issue when you had some material already on the bed, but didn’t mention that after you did all the cleaning and restart. Sometimes the GF does get confused if there’s anything on the tray when you start it up.


I clear the cache pretty regularly. My major concern was the arm/print head didn’t move at all. I decide to put material in it before I started it up like you mentioned and it worked this time. I’m wondering though, if this is the start of intermittent cable failure. I’m going to look at getting a spare lid ribbon cable so I don’t have to be down again if that is the issue.

Support, please keep this ticket open so I can purchase a spare ribbon.

Thank you for the suggestion by the way! It’s alive…IT’S ALIVE!!! image


The startup process is between the unit and the Glowforge servers. The web browser doesn’t play a part in the actual process. Just reports the result of the process. So if the head doesn’t move at all, that’s all the machine and/or the internet connection.


I’m glad you got it working. But I’m concerned the problem may continue. It’s likely that the black cable on the lid has a problem. I’d like to send you a replacement for that cable, along with some instructions on how to replace it so if it does happen again, we can get you back to printing as quickly as possible.

I’ll follow up in email shortly to arrange the details.


That would be great! I’ll be on the look out for your email. Thank you.