Issue copying a file in UI


Anyone else having this problem? I’m trying to make a copy of an existing file I have in the UI. I’ve tried a few files and keep getting this error. I have multiple machines so when I’m running multiple jobs of the same item, I make a copy of the item and then rename it to include the name of the machine.

I’m super frustrated by GF this week with a machine dead and no reply yet from support@glowforge and now I can’t seem to copy a file.

No issue making copies here - I’d suggest clearing the cache on your browser (or login via a different browser) just in case something got screwy in there

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I’m sorry for the delay in our reply. So we can better understand the circumstances around this error, could you please tell me more about the steps you’re taking to copy these files? Are you choosing “Make a copy” from your Design Library? Does this error message appear right after you’ve clicked “Make a copy”? Or does something else happen?

Thanks in advance.

Hi. Yes, make a copy in design library. Yes, it happens immediately after. I just loaded the files again and moved on. I use the make a copy function several times a week for many files and never had this happen before.


Thanks for those details. I’ve let the team know about this so we can keep digging into what happened on our end. In the meantime, if you run into this issue again, please start a new thread or email us at