Issue Uploading File

I am working on some wedding invites and having a huge issue with uploading my file. I’ve tried several different formats and it just won’t load after waiting over 10 minutes each time. Any one experiencing problems tonight?!

The huge issue is the huge file.


  • Run each puzzle separately
  • Run the engrave first, then the cuts
  • Reduce the number of points and raster the text

I would try rasterizing the text first.

Yes, I’m having problems. Try again tomorrow perhaps it will resolve itself.

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Thanks for the answer @bwente, that’s right. @designer, were you able to print your invitations?

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I eventually was able to print them the next day, but redid the file so it has just 4 puzzles and then duplicated them on the glowforge interface.

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I’m glad it worked out. Please post a new topic if you have any other questions.

Happy printing!