Issue with Inkscape Pathing /Glowforge Cutting

Hello !

I’m trying to Merge/overlap 2 objects together and not have the Glowforge see those as 2 separate items to cut.

IE: Those 2 circles, the Glowforge will cut the path inside the 2 circles. But I want to have only the outside path cut. I’m on Inkscape and can’t figure out how to link those path nodes to one and other. Found a few videos but it doesn’t help me with that specific problem.

Could use a bit of troubleshooting with this, haha.

Thank you.

Select both circles then click “Path > Union”. This will leave you with one path only containing the outer line around what was the two circles.


What @dan84 said!

I’ll add a suggestion to read the Inkscape documentation about path editing, you’ll use every single thing in there over and over. Learning the tricks will pay you back so many times!

The first three tutorials (Basic, Shapes, Advanced) are absolutely must-reads:


Thanks ! I got it to work !

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Thanks for the answers @dan84 and @evansd2! I’m glad you got your design to work, @bobby145 - we also have some resources on using Inkscape at our Introducing Inkscape support page. I’m going to close this thread now - If you have any other questions, go ahead and post a new topic.