Issue with Lazer not cutting all the way

Hello I just got the Glowforge Basic about 3 days ago. Today I set it up, 1st cut (Gift of Good Measure, on Medium Draftboard) 2nd cut ( a name engraving, cut out. on Medium Clear Acrylic). 3rd same as 2nd engrave and cuts, they were great no issues. When I got to the 4-5 laser cut, I notices that the laser when on cut mode was not cutting through and the material. I was using the was the medium clear acrylic style just that now i was moving the cuts to the right. I cleaned all the lenses which all looked to be clean. Yet it still has the same issue. anything on the right hand side passed 7in mark, will not cut.

Is the material pinned down flat in the bed? Are you getting partial cuts or no cuts at all?

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I’m having the same problem with my Pro. It worked great for two weeks, and now when I go to cut, it makes the first cut (for instance, the outline circle) fine, and maybe cuts one or two things inside the circle, but won’t cut all the way through. Sometimes, on the back of the wood, there are no cut marks at all. Also, there are flames shooting out from the laser. This all started in the last day and a half. Had the material pinned down, doing everything the same as I have (with no problems) for the last two weeks, and now I feel as though I’ve bought a $6,000 boar anchor. I’m sorry I have no ideas to help you.

Have you by chance removed the focus lens for cleaning prior to this happening?

I can see that you’ve also opened a support request via email, and that we’ve responded there. I’m going to go ahead and close this topic to avoid confusion or duplicate communication.