Issue with popular LED base for acrylic signs

The one I picked up to play with gets VERY hot at the USB port when using the USB input for power. The USB connector itself started to melt. If I plug the USB into a computer, the computer shuts down the port due to excessive current draw.

Works fine on battery.

Has anyone else experienced this? My goal was to have the LED’s powered externally, continually - I think this will start a fire…

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You have to be very careful of a lot of USB plug power supplies and devices. Overheating means something is being overworked. Too much current may mean too many LEDs, but most LEDs pull about 20 mA and a USB port is designed for 500 mA, so that means there is a problem with the design. Something is turning power into heat, which means fire danger.
Most LED bases are using probably not more than 10 LEDs, so unless they are RGB or RGBW, which pull about 60 mA max, you should not have any issues with over-current on a USB port. This means the voltage converter is the culprit or there is a short in the wiring.

Which one? I have a lot of these and I haven’t noticed it, but I can take some measurements. My uneducated guess is that it’s defective.


I use them all the time…they take very little power. You must have a defective unit.

Agree on the defective unit. That one just sounds like a bad apple.
Could be a minor short or pinch in the electronics, or any of a dozen other things.
Return it or toss it and work with another.

Here’s where the micro USB is attached to the board - I’ll clean that up and see if it solves the problem…