Issues Loading and printing sticking

I have a lot of issues where I will try and print and it will load for a good 15 minutes then error out. I have to keep doing this until it finally takes.

I also have an issue with the browser getting stuck on an action. Like now the print is done and the print was stuck on 30 minutes left and continued to count down, I cancelled and now it is stuck on cancelling. I have restarted the browser and the glowforge. fun times

I’m experiencing the same issue! Once it finally loads shorter jobs (<10 minutes) are doing ok, but it gets stuck in the middle of larger ones.

Whenever this comes up, I upload the most complex design I have, which has 38,000 nodes. Uploaded, processed and rendered in a total of 8 seconds.

If it persists and you hear from support, let us know what they say. They will likely ask for your files to check.


I’ll see what they say. I have been going on an hour now trying to get it to print. small file but repeated. I have cut it down to half of what I have printed in the past and still no good. GF needs to get this stuff fixed.

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