Issues with my roll of 3M tape sticking

I have a roll of 3M tape. I’ve had it for a bit - but I don’t know if it’s the recent heat, or heat in the truck when I moved, but the edges have gotten soft so when I unroll it they stick. I’m dealing with it - but I’d really like not to have lumps on my edges :slight_smile:

Anyone deal with this? Is this a common occurrence with 3M, or did I break something? I only got a small roll since I wasn’t sure how much I’d use it, so if this is a rare thing I could just get another roll and treat it better (and keep this one for tiny pieces where I can throw away the edges.



Can you rub the edges while it’s on the roll to get rid of the globs? Might take a little doing, but it might work. :woman_shrugging:


Usually it’s the heat and humidity when I’ve seen this before. Sometimes dirt in warehouse environment. Most sign shops I know keep the rolls in a plastic bag


I definitely did this, which got rid of the really big globs, but it didn’t stop it from continuing to stick when I unrolled it sadly. Now I’m wondering if rubbing alcohol over it might work…

Sigh, that definitely describes the interior of a truck driving from CA to IN! I’ll put the next one I buy into a bag, but now it lives in AC so life is softer :slight_smile:


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