Issues with precision

A couple of things I have noticed:

Anytime you are depending on a wide view camera to look at something there is going to be parallax issues. At one point I tried to take a long distance photo of a building and draw an addition on it and discovered even, in that case, there were some real issues that you would not notice unless you were matching a drawing. the Glowforge folk have made an effort to keep it from being crazy but real precision of that type would be asking a lot. Add to that that calculations for distance from the camera and the tiniest amount off makes a big difference in the result. After you have cut something tell the GFUI that the thickness is something different and look at how far everything is off vs the correct thickness.

The most accurate view will be right under the camera, and where possible that is where I try to center my work but that is not always possible. so I try to do a 10pew500zoom trial run to see where the real math is. I am even thinking a rectangle around complex stuff just for that and put on ignore all the other times. Once I have that relationship a bit of “Kentucky windage” will sharpen the result and most of the time multiple runs will fall exactly on where they ran before. I have had it otherwise but I have discovered that the undo is too easy and discovered I “undid” an important move without meaning to do that or realizing it.

As noted above distance from the camera makes a big difference in where it thinks things are. I see that they have now included a scale in the GFUI that allows you to say how big your design is. It is limited in decimal points of accuracy but is closer to reality than what you see on the bed of the crumb tray. As before a light 30-500 test run will increase precision some but accuracy in thickness will be needed as well. short of a per design jig the setup I started in the Precision thread here wrks very well for repeatability.