Issues with proofgrade acrylic paper masking clean up - no issues with TAP Plastics clear masking

I’ve made quite a few prints with Proofgrade acrylic, medium and thick, and I can’t seem to get a clean pull with the masking. Even after an hour of scrubbing, the “print” just looks awful and streaky.

This is with engraving vectors and png text. PNG text seems to get filled with the melted masking and is a nightmare to clean.

I bought some thick acrylic from TAP Plastics - same thickness as proofgrade thick acrylic, and those come masked with a clear plastic sheet, almost like a tape/saran wrap hybrid and it comes right off with no sticky mess whatsoever and absolutely perfect prints with the “Proofgrade Thick Acrylic” selected.

Any potential move in the future to mask Glowforge proofgrade acrylic with something similar to ease clean up?


This might be better in the #problems-and-support category. It’s the only category that Glowforge monitors; anywhere else it requires a stroke of luck to be seen by staff.

The other question that I would have is what is the clear masking made out of? It’s usually a good idea to know the composition before sending the laser to battle with it.


Another thing to try: a lot of folks prefer to remove the masking before engraving. You do get a bit of residue on the piece but it’s pretty easy to clean off with denatured alcohol.