Issues with wrong image or not loading from my library?

I don’t use my library often, and my experience this morning reconfirmed why I don’t use it:

So this morning wanted to load an image from my library. Clicked open, got message it was rendering. But nothing appears on the GFUI (either camera image or the list of images in left bar).

Many other images (simple SVG for cutting or more etching files) also don’t show up after I “open”.

Others render a completely different image than what I opened (and not even visible on the same page of the library from the one I selected–and nor are they recent files–months old & scores of images between last used it & them loading up unexpectedly again).

So questions:

  1. Why do images from my library NOT render in the GFUI?
  2. Why do random images appear when I try to open others? (cache issue? Browser? Currently on Firefox, but other sites I have to run on Chrome now.)

Back to my uploading from my computer for now/again (as this has been issue really since I got Buckaroo running 1.5 years ago… and my computer cleaned many times).


Back about a year and a few months ago, there was an Improvements announcement about continuous Auto-Save. Did you miss that one?

What it means is, that if you delete something from a file, like certain parts that you don’t need for the current print, and then save the file…it will save it without those parts. You have the option to Reset any Catalog files that you have purchased by clicking on the Information icon […] on the top row while the file is open in the interface.

But for files that you have created and uploaded yourself, you should either keep a copy on your hard drive or create a working copy on the Dashboard by clicking the carat on the thumbnail before making changes to the file and saving it.

So yes, they change.


The project thumbnail is created when you upload a design. It’s not updated as you change that design. It sounds like you’re deleting components out of a design.


Thanks @Jules & @jbmanning5 – 99% of these I’ve not done any editing of the file at all from my original upload and running of it (and most don’t even have an element that could be deleted without deleting all the image itself). Some may have been copied & pasted to create multiples in a job, but most of them that either don’t render at all from my library–or give me a completely different rendering–were never altered (apart from resizing or rotating)…

And yes, I always save the files first in my hard drive, and that’s usually where I upload them from, but decided to try something from the library again today…

Uh-oh. Not what you want to hear. Can you post some examples of what you’re seeing? They’ll probably want to look at one or two specific cases where it happened.

Same issue here. The first few that show up on the list will be correct, however the rest are never right for some reason. I have no clue how that is even a thing lol

Thanks for the answer @Jules & @jbmanning5, that’s right.

The only other tip I would add is:

  • After a print has completed, decide if you want to print this design again.

  • When done printing a design, always return to the dashboard to start a new project

I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!