It arrived today!


I wish I could post the smell of laser cut Proofgrade wood.
It is a cross between a campfire and a wood shop… in other words, really good. I have the smell of char on my hands as I type (along with some super glue) and I am sniffing my fingers. Not for the glue.

Now, I should probably clarify.
I did not get a Glowforge today.

What I did get was this:

An age ago (roughly a year) @marmak3261offered a matchbox bin as a prize for winning a forum game: what broken thing will you fix with your Glowforge? Only a couple of us drew up a “design” and he promised to send me one when he could.



Peeling the masking:

Marion’s careful design for the nail hole:

3 minutes of peeling the masking, playing with the living hinge, and enjoying the fit.

Rubber band on… look at the detail! I know, I know, there are other great examples of detail on the forum; but I got to touch it. I OWN this.

Thank you so much, @marmak3261. It’s simply gorgeous. I know you went through several iterations and spent some time designing. It is very thoughtful. I’ll pick up some matches tomorrow and put it up.


It IS beautiful! I received one, as well…and have been so busy since then, that I’ve still not put it together and removed the masking. Seeing yours now makes me want to hustle up an get it done. What a very nice prize we got!


That is really nice.
Well done you (for the design) and @marmak3261 (for being such a nice guy).




Wow. I thanks for the highlight reel. Yes it’s pretty tight there at the bottom intersection. Forgot to include the extra rubber bands in your envelope but it does snap enough that the one band can hold together. The walnut does smell the best.


That one looks fantastic too…how did I miss the contest? (Oh wait…before I got active…)

Awesome! :relaxed:


That looks amazing! I love the dark hardwood!


That is such a nice gift. @marmak3261 you are such a helpful teacher on this forum. I am continuously learning from you and @Jules. The walnut wood that you used for the box looks really rich, especially with the engraving that you did. @cmreeder, thank you for posting pictures and the video. :relaxed:


Truly beautiful!