It arrived

So I have been silently watching everything on here for months. Today I got my email with tracking numbers. It arrived today as well. Still setting up my area and unboxing, I’ll post again when it’s up and running.


Congrats! :grinning:

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Yay! Have fun!

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I just got my email indicating that the shipment process is beginning! What was the time lapse between your initial email and the shipment email?

So exciting!



Golden email 11/10.
Glowforge received 11/28.

I do live in Sacramento though not far from the Bay Area.

Made a voltive holder from the catalogue.


Excellent! :grinning::+1:

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ooh… that gives me slight hope for before christmas, then.

Those dates are interesting. I received Golden Email on 11/3, but I have yet to hear anything else about the GF (shipping details, etc). Nothing showing on UPS MyChoice either (I saw another thread where someone got the MyChoice notification before tracking numbers.) I’m starting to get a bit concerned that it will go over the 6 week range and into my vacation time.

Pro, Ordered Day 28, Texas - for those looking for such information.

I got my shipping email after it was at the post office. Mine was a basic as well.

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GF Pro Ordered: 10/19/15
Golden Email: 10/27/17
ProofGrade Delivered: 11/14/17
GlowForge Delivered: soon…I hope… but not yet.

I ordered mine 10/16/15, got the UPS shipping email this afternoon, so you should be hearing from GF soon.

You really made it your own - that looks excellent!