It arrived!

Order placed on 10-18-2015.

Got “the email” 4 days ago on the 27th. It arrived today, in Richland, WA around 4pm, both the PG materials and the GF. Both boxes were in excellent condition. I got the tracking for the GF first, and only got the PG materials tracking # this morning.

Of note, no shock / impact sensors were found on the exterior. I’ve yet to open it. I’ll update more after I open it up.

I’m still waiting to hear back from support on getting an up to date user manual. I’ve already searched and only found a link to the Draft version that repeatedly suggests using an up to date version.



I believe that since they’ve gone into full production there have been no impact or shock sensors on the boxes.


There’s a link on the app page ( Look over on the right.

click on “read the manual” and you’ll be able to download the latest one.