It has begun... walkthroughs/guides

Summoning @Jules I know you mentioned putting in the matrix before and I was kinda on the fence about it but it seems like its a good idea and going to help a lot of people so I am officially gonna put the time into it. If you want to link it into the matrix/tutorials now I am ready for it.

I have started creating youtube videos for walkthroughs and guides of each feature at a time. Starting super basic then working up to advanced that way when someone wants to know a specific thing they can youtube it and can be walked through and would be a great way to answer repetitive questions.

Here is the official channel link I’m putting it under:

Here is two of the starting videos in the series I will be making in order:
First steps:
How to save and upload svg to glowforge:

Like I said starting out super basic and working up in order that I think would be most informative for brand new person on up so they can all be watched in order. Feel free to follow along there I will upload as often as I get a chance.


Excellent! (…the link to your channel has already been included in the Matrix. I don’t fool around.) :smile:


OMG, what a generous thing to do for the community. THANK YOU!!!


From Newbies and Oldies alike, thank you.

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No problem, I hope it ends up helping someone.

No problem anytime.

A huge undertaking … I’m sure this will help a lot of people. Very kind of you!

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