It is just me?

Is it just me or does it feel like I’m going to have @dan email me in the fall, telling me I won’t get it until spring 2018? Oct 21th 2015 is my order date


No I also think another delay is on the cards. When shipping was announced I thought that meant mass production had started as they already had a long pre-production period to sort out production problems and shipping issues. Seems like that was more like the real beta test and we are currently in the pre-production stage. I.e. small batches to test production and shipping.


I’m sure it’s not just you but it’s not me, barring a major setback I see slippage, not more setbacks? What is the difference? well, setbacks/delays come in large chunks. slippage comes in smaller chunks of “well we thought we could turn 200 a day at max and the best we can do is 150 so the final unit will go out 45 days later than promised.”


i agree. i don’t think they’re going to get everything done by the date they gave, but the fact that they’re shipping and people have working units puts us way ahead of anywhere we were in earlier delays. at this point, it’s about scalability in manufacturing. before it was the product just wasn’t ready to ship yet.


Don’t be so pessimistic. The next delay is going to say we’ll get them by December 31. You’re already jumping ahead to the delay after that.


Liked. Not because I think you’re right, necessarily, but because sarcasm isn’t easy to do in written form, and you nailed it. Kudos.


just you, sorry

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Definitely not just you. Hopefully us later in the pre-order group will see ours by Christmas? But I wouldn’t bet on it.

Ha well I am way ahead of you October 20th order date. Oh wait…

never mind… :slight_smile:

lol… my order wasn’t till April 2016.
I’m not to concerned, gives them plenty of time to fix any problems with the previously shipped units before mine goes out the door.


That’s just funny, thanks!

If the units people have received are a part of a production test group, the users who recived them, will be due new units that are the same revision of final production units.

This could explain the lack of new shipping e-mails. They would want to keep that pool small.

I do hope this is not what’s going on.

The units being delivered now are forever units, production. The emails for these are very different than those for the pre-release program.

That said, :glowforge: is running a continuous improvement program so while any changes will be small, there may be some differences from today’s deliveries to the last of the preorders.


I would agree.

Something is up. Shipping announcements seem to have stopped. I’m hoping it’s just boxes. Hopefully the last batch of shipped units arrive unsullied by the UPS.


Yes, this topic is a dead horse. No, I can’t help calling it the Noforge. :no_mouth:

I’m tired of hearing “you still haven’t gotten that?!”


Everyone is waiting on that day when the forum is inundated with “I got the email” and the floodgates are opened. I hope that happens before the end of the month but after nearly two years I don’t hold my breath, I just watch and listen to get whatever clues I can on what is going on.

This is one thing I’ve always disagreed with Dan on, he, and presumably his bosses think putting out too much info would damage the company due to how competitors would use this so communication is sketchy at best.


I think there might have been some damage during shipping. I would expect they are making packaging improvements and working out bottlenecks in the build process.

I wonder if the packaging issues were worse with the Pro models (with the bigger tube), hence the lack of progress there.


not impossible but i think the difference in size, to the extent that it exists, is quite small.

I’d agree. You could bump the extra 5W without making any length change and just a small diameter difference. In fact, if you tweak the internal pathways and change the electrodes, etc. I expect you could do it all in the same form factor. This isn’t like the big bumps where you need to do a longer tube for cost practicality purposes.

yeah, i’m sure the length must be nearly identical and obviously the overall boxes would be, too; it’s not like the laser tube doesn’t ship pre-installed.