It is just me?

Personally I think the box situation flipped them out a bit.

after seeing some of the pictures, the risk of damage had to be much higher than they expected. Recall that not everybody that is getting one is on the forum. there could have been a couple of dozen people that had all sorts of colors on their start buttons, when they powered them up.

, they would have to get new boxes designed and manufactured.

That would take some time.


yeah, i wish we could see an example of the boxes side by side just to know the differences.


They are going to be much thicker cardboard.

When they mentioned that the new boxes had the pop out handles, that means a THICK box. I do biomedical research, and when we get equipment, and it has those pop out handles on the box, you are talking seriously thick cardboard. :slight_smile:

the more rigid box will keep our babies safe. :slight_smile:



Apart from losing a mains lead and gaining a gas fitting none of the damage reported on the forum was from penetration of the box. It seemed more like shock damage, which would need more / better foam rather than a stronger box.

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I do believe that right now the lack of information is hurting more than even a little truth would.

Unless, of course, the truth is far worse than the speculation.


I think there are more that have been shipped that are accounted for on the Forum.

so that is my working premise on my comment. I could of course be wrong. :slight_smile:

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Yes that could well be true but if we never know about them they might as well have not happened.

We do know that out of the people on the forums only about 40 have mentioned receiving an email and about 10 of those still haven’t received theirs yet, for some a month later.

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It’s not what you want, probably, and I lot of guessing on my part, but I think they went from this box

A traditional box with taped flaps

To a box more like this

Where it’s a box bottom with a box top that slide over it, then plastic handles lock everything in place - 2 on each side. And sort of double boxes everything, in a way.

The really nice thing about the plastic locking handles is you can repackage the thing 100 times, and it’s just as solid as it always was - you don’t need to untape and retape it. I mean, assuming the new glowforge box is at all similar to the cintiq box. Which I’d bet money it probably is.

And way, way easier to carry.


Yes that is my impression too. And it is a slick box to be sure.

I still have that Cintiq box in my attic from my son’s Christmas present. Great box!

Somebody got their GF last week in the new box. They should be able to confirm it’s this style. (It seems it should be from @dan’s post.)


I used mine for 3 moves with 0 problems, and then it got wet when our basement flooded (literally right before I needed it for another move). I definitely will be sticking my glowforge box in our new attic! Gotta protect the protection :blush:


There is absolutely nothing that prevents them from making an announcement with either good news, or bad. Waiting for an end of the month for an update? That’s just an arbitrary date. And waiting till the end of the month may be an unreasonably long time to wait.


'There is another delay.
We’re sorry.
We let you down.
But we’re paying you. Each and everyone of you will get a Wacom Cintiq… ’