It’s been a mod-making week

Yeah, it’s not lasers, if everyone here does maker stuff, and deals with hoses. Ok, so for some reason whatever hoses I got for dust collection (using a variant of the “New Brit Workshop” design which originally was 3D printed in PETG but now in clear acrylic off my glowforge) I can’t get it to properly fit other hoses/nozzles and the dust deputy. Not sure why this stuff seems totally non-standardized. Anyway a quick trip through CAD and printed on my Prusa (figured orange PLA would help find them in that snarl. I addition I wanted to hang my mini-pc on the post of the monitor/keyboard arm that is where easel runs to do the carves (I don’t sit down there designing, but for a quick tuneup or running the job it’s awesome) in addition I hung a webcam (1/4-20 mount) underneath it with a another mount. Yeah that Y-Y connector looks sketchy but works really well, as I wanted dust collection to my table saw (Grey hose) and a general cleanup vacuum, the adapter into the dust shoe has barbs that hold it in place really well - that took some experimenting to get exactly right… the vacuum is controlled by the M7/M9 Gcode combo Via a relay; yes it is annoying every time I want to hand vacuum I have to type M7 into the x-controller console, but having everything shut off at the end of a job (I can leave it to cut overnight and not burn brushed for hours when it is finished). And yes, of course PETG, ABS/ASA would be tougher, but seriously how much force are you putting on your. Dust collection system, plus any force strong enough to damage the adapter on the shoe would be way stronger than the stepper motors of the x-carve (at least until I do the CNC4NEWBIES motor/Z-axis upgrade), that will quadruple the stopper power


I have found used C-Pap hoses very useful that way.


Nice. I need to 3d print a vacuum thingie for my new Snapmaker 2, and this was a good reminder. @rbtdanforth: I like the CPAP hose suggestion, as that is just about the right size and flexibility.


The only problem with a cpap hose is they don’t typically have a wire running down the tube to use for static dissipation. Dust explosions are real. I have mine grounded to the same ground as the x-controller to prevent ground loops.


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