It’s here!

Any tip for removing the protections!? Installing?

Obviously it has arrived when I was on Holidays.

Could not wait to come back! Lol


Head over to the URL on the piece of paper they put on the side :slightly_smiling_face:

But it’s pretty easy - pull it out of the plastic bag, remove any tape holding things together, pull out the foam (that’s where the power cord & head are), unscrew the orange knobs, flip the orange clip off the gantry and push it back, then remove the orange rail runners. Put all orange bits away safe as you’ll want them if you take your GF on the road. Then plug the flat cable on the gantry into the head and mount the head on its carriage. Put the exhaust hose on, plug it in and turn it on.

But all the instructions are online. You can also get to them from the Support link on over on the right.

You should be making your first thing in a half-hour :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much!

Welcome to the fun! :slight_smile:

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I watched this before setting up my :glowforge: admittedly not all the way to the end, but gave a great insight and more of an idea.

Good luck with it and enjoy!


Congrats! Isn’t it beautiful?! I was well, well impressed when mine arrived. Enjoy!


That’s great! Congratulations!


It really is beautiful !

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