Items no longer in catalogue


Why is the “Gift of Good Measure Keychain” no longer visible in the catalog. It is referenced in the Product Support under Learn by Doing. I have even printed it before. But I can no longer find it in the catalog. Are items in the catalog available for a limited time only?


Is it not in your design library? It’s the very last thing in mine.


I have two copies, one pretend measurements and one real.

Just to make sure: you have looked on subsequent pages for more designs than can be showed at first?


Mine too. I had to hit “Show More” a few times to get down to the keychain. Kind of a nice trip down memory lane of all the things I’ve learned from humble beginnings; VERY humble.


My guess is this.


Haha! Well played to not say which is which! :slight_smile:


I’m an old guy. I won’t even tell you about the mirth caused by a salvaged machinist’s rule that had the first inch cut off.

Left-handed drill bits are fun, too.


@hrucker, thanks for letting us know. We’ve added the designs back to your account and followed up to your email with more details!