Items Taller than 12" For Glowforge Plus

We own the Glowforge Plus(without passthrough). Sorry if this has been answered before, I did conduct a forum search prior to posting.

I have a piece of BB plywood that is 18L"x20W" it fits into the forge, but obviously a portion of it sits pass the honeycomb portion of the tray, onto the black smooth surface near the back. When I close the front gate, the piece fits snug(similiar to proofgrade).

My question is, is it safe to cut this piece down smaller, using the Glowforge, to say a normal 12L" x 20"W piece? We anticipate cutting a straight line across, 6" UP from the Front of the Glowforge, allowing us to remove that 6L"x20W" section and being left with a typical 12"x20" piece.

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GREAT question. I’ve been wondering about something similar, so I will be anxiously awaiting the response from Support.

Welcome to the Forum, and the Glowforge community. You’re going to have a blast with your Plus.

You won’t be able to cut across that length with the cut limits. Will you?

Yes, it’s safe to do, as long as you don’t let the material hang over the sides of the gridded portion of the tray. (And @jbmanning5 is correct, you won’t be able to cut all the way across it - you’ll have to cut most of the way and then break it. Which isn’t hard. I use a pair of pliers.)


Ok, thanks for the quick replies!

But the OTHER thing that this means is that you can, in effect, do engraving on items (e.g. - an 18" round wood cutting board, Lazy Suzan, etc.) with a bit of manual alignment effort.

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Also keep in mind that it’ll be slightly raised off the crumb tray. You’re likely to get some flashback burn; if you care I’d suggest masking the back.


Rather than getting exactly 12 x 20 when the maximum cut is 11" x 19.25 I have a Pro but have the wood cut into 19" strips as 5 x 19 = 95 leaving enough room for saw kerf. In a 48 x 96 sheets.

In your particular case a horizontal cut at 11" would be better as it would ,leave that extra inch on the smaller piece. However, you will need a hand saw where the cot will not reach.

Where I need to match the laser cut a heavy (0\0) jewelers saw blade is pretty close.


Thanks for the answers @Jules and @rbtdanforth that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if you have any more questions, go ahead and post a new topic.