Iterating on Uploaded Designs?

Just got my glowforge, it’s great fun, and very fast. Lovely coming from the 3d printer world.

My main issue with the software is that I cannot figure out a good workflow for iterating on designs from illustrator or others.

I want to upload my artwork, set my settings, print; tweak things in illustrator a bit; reupload, print.

How do you:

  1. Delete artwork from a design? I can ignore it, but I can’t figure out how to delete.
  2. Reupload artwork so that it replaces the old artwork, using the same settings?


  1. Select the item you want to delete, press the Delete key.
  2. Uploading artwork creates a new instance of it, not a replacement, and you have to re-assign settings to it.

Ha. I didn’t think about the difference between selecting in the sidebar and on the bed. thanks.

Ok, how do I copy settings from one artwork to another?

You can’t.


If you right click and ‘make a copy’ of an existing design, you can then modify using add art or delete, while the settings remain on the design already used.
This is a bit limited but it would bring your settings up in a different UI and not mess with the origin design in any way.


I would love a “reload file” button that clears the drawing and reloads it but keeps the settings.

Like many I go through a design, cut, tweak, cut, tweak, cut cycle. A reload would be great!

Thanks for the help, everyone. @brokendrum’s suggestion to make a new copy of your design file on the app Dashboard before editing the artwork is a good way to retain some settings for iterative design work.

I hope this helps, and I’ll pass on the suggestion for a “reupload” feature as you described. Please post a new thread or email us at if you run into any trouble. Happy printing!