It's a puzzle


Every Thurs night you could find me at a little Craft Brewery in the middle of nowhere WV. Their selection of in-house beers is amazing for such a small single site brewery. It’s normal to have 12 of their own brews on tap at any time. Mostly single, double and triple IPAs, and very highly rated.

Since the brewery is approximately an hour away on snow covered rural roads, I thought it wise to develop a driving capability test. The way I figure it, if I can’t put the puzzle back together in under a minute, maybe I should spend the night. The puzzle pieces are labeled with many of their beers and made from Maple and Cherry Proofgrade plywood.


Love it! Artistic and very practical! :smile:


Practice makes perfect. Shouldn’t take too much practice before it’s like your calculator - do it in the dark.
Nice having a local brewery with quality offerings. I think I would enjoy buying you a beer there.


Kind of the way I feel about beer drinking.


Nice work by the way. I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted one.:+1:


Planned on giving them the puzzle on Thursday. They have bought a boatload of wood keychains from me in the shape of their Growlers with logos and contact info. The puzzle is just a conversation piece for the bar that no one would want to buy. Unless the brewery owners wanted to give them away to their distributors or something but I didn’t make it with the intent to sell.


Love the combination of these two woods … Looks fabulous!


This is hilarious yet ingenious! Let us know how it works later this week :slight_smile:


I love the design, but I think that you might get a few raised eyebrows about the one named “Easy Blonde”


I’m fond of “legendary Backside”. “Bewildered Hippy” is good too.


Send all complaints to the owner. BTW, she is a successful blonde entrepreneur whose nickname is Spanky. Blonde is a type of Ale. And theirs is smooth or Easy. Double entendre.


I knew about the blonde ale, but the double meaning with that part of West Virginia might be better served by a different name.

I know! My mind goes to all the weird places and can see points of view that are not my style like I was looking through someone else’s eyes, and it is not always the best view.


True story. I introduced one of the most gorgeous Brazilian/French girls on the planet to my very goofy looking friend. Looked like a Preying Mantis with glasses. Couple years later I was best man at their wedding. He was easy and blonde. Brazilian girls don’t meet a lot of blonde guys.


Love this! I really think they will want more than one.


where do you get your blanks for keychains?


As a woman in tech, I appreciate the “Big Boy Pants.” :grin:


Although I have used anodized aluminum blanks, dog tags, etc., there is really no way for me to compete with mass produced laser and engraving shops. I avoid engraving on stock blanks. Just making stuff because it interests me. Still, have sold dozens of different designs to a bunch of businesses, organizations and individuals. Make a lot of stuff from PG plywood and other wood materials. Nothing fancy but it keeps me out of the bars. Or maybe it doesn’t.


Those have so much more character. :slightly_smiling_face: