It's Bat season

Bats, man.

The NPS posted this image, it would be a great engraving:

Companion site:

BTW, if someone can find a larger resolution version of that poster, I’d be all in.


Couldn’t find that one in high resolution, but here’s another poster available from the Library of Congress in high resolution:


Get it here:


Bats are great, camped at Wheeler Peak in Nevada two summers ago and there were a couple of bats circling over our camp site eating all the bugs, didn’t get a single mosquito bite. Wish I could take them everywhere I camp!!!

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Do you want bats? Cause that’s how you get them!


That wouldn’t take long to create a vector version.

I see them all the time when I am sitting on our deck in the evening, we used to have a bat house. That is a good idea, maybe I will make another one. We also have had them in our house!!! They can slip thru the narrowest slits in a house!!! I will add this to my project list! Thanks!


Yeah, but I like the grunge, and would want to engrave it with all that character.

oh boy oh boy, that’s gorgeous

Found this version but it’s not much bigger. A little cleaner, but I kinda like the grungier version better.


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