It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like


This morning, in Bellingham, WA.


Yeah, I’m a few hours north of you, and it looks much the same in parts up here. And now that I know you’re in Bellingham, I’m totally going to hit you up for any good ‘local’ places you find for sourcing materials!


I live in Vancouver Canada and we got less snow. Like half inch Weather is weird


Aha! Another fellow Vancouver-er. Well sort of. I’m up in Squamish. I’ve seen a few others indicate they were in Vancouver from the pin map, but hadn’t seen anyone else identify themselves as from here in the forums.


You need to filter that or position the exhaust so it points down more.
You dusted the entire neighborhood !!!

Can safely make fun of it. Got down to 60f the other day here in sunny Florida and everyone was running around shivering and complaining.


I didn’t put my name on the map. I don’t want random people showing up at my door.

(Yes that has happened)


LOL :grinning:

Funny thing – that photo really does show below where I hang the venting tube out the window on the second floor until I get my filter. It dusted the whole town! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I live in Downey, Ca. & Thank God there is no snow here. Temp is about 70 F


But it’s definitely winter now. Rain is here! :smiley::umbrella:


It’s snowing in downtown Seattle today too!


Really glad the snow out here in The County wasn’t bad enough to delay UPS - just got my Pro! Have to wait for my co-conspirator (wife) to get home from work before we fire it up.




We had a bit of snow here in the south sound as well. Thankfully, it didn’t stick. While I always enjoy the first (real) snow of the year, I’m generally not a fan.





Aaaand I’m in a t-shirt.


Yah, I’m about 45 minutes south of you (Mount Vernon) and it was snowing this morning, not quite as much as you got though. Early to be seeing snow already, the rest of the season should be interesting >,>


I’m in Alaska and have ZERO snow. Funny thing is, my sister and her family moved to Tacoma to escape the snow. :rofl:


I’m a Wisconsin boy living in Venice, CA and there’s not much that makes me more homesick than seeing people posting first snowfalls. Sigh…54 days until I get to be cold again. It can’t get here soon enough!


LOL, I’m a Venice girl living in the PNW. The first time I saw snow I was at least 15 years old, and I was not impressed. Sunny day beach photos in the dead of winter make me homesick.


It was snowing in Bremerton too!