It's coming tomorrow and I'm totally not ready!


Ten days ago I got the “you ready?” email to which I immediately said “yes!!”. I got the shipping notification today with a UPS scheduled tomorrow!! D’oh! I haven’t even thought of a name yet. After almost two years, you think I’d be ready. :wink:

Haven’t gotten a shipment notification about the :proofgrade: materials – the ones that come with, or the many pieces I ordered 10 days ago – but luckily I have loads of stock from milling jobs and my assorted Inventables order came today. Hopefully the :proofgrade: will be here, uh, sometime?

I’ve got a few more SVG-generating apps planned and in-progress, so hopefully this weekend I’ll release something… So much to do! :slight_smile:

We’ll see if I sleep tonight! :squeeee:


Hey, as long as you have a flat surface to put it on, a window close by to stick the hose out, a good wifi connection and some cardboard, you could be pretty happy just starting out there! Congrats!


Congrats!!! So funny to see everyone scrambling last minute after waiting 2 years…you’d think everyone would be ready…but nope…lol😄 no fun that way…lol
Can’t wait to see what you can do!!




Right there with you.
Mine came Saturday and it is setup in a less then permanent fashion.
At the moment I couldn’t care less!


If we’re taking bets, I’ll go with…nope! :wink:


Congrats! Definitely looking forward to what you create with it. Keep us updated


Congrats and have fun!!


yessss more shipments more shipments muahahahahaha


That’s very exciting!

You might want to file a support ticket on that Proofgrade shipment. I’ve never had it take nearly that long. There might be an issue with addressing or something.


Yay! Very exciting times! I dreamed of lasers last night- think I’ve been reading the forum a little too obsessively!




I tell my hubby it is like we are having a baby, we are getting everything ready, clearing space, getting ideas organized, etc.

As soon as we get the E mail, we are going to IKEA to get the ideal table we assemble, large surface and custom legs. ( I like that they have those options!!! )

My hubby does electronic stuff, so I can’t WAIT to make some nice lights for the bedroom so as to stay within the circadian cycles when I stir from sleep and need to get up, just for starters :smiley:


Congratulations :balloon::tada::confetti_ball::champagne:
I have no doubt I’ll be in the exact same boat…eventually :wink:


Turns out it was a hiccup in the order system. I got a confirmation email but it didn’t really go through. All sorted now! :slight_smile:


I’ve been saving all my mechanical/automaton/gear-based projects for when my :glowforge: came, so I have somewhat of a backlog of things to build. But then there’s a bunch of new things I want to try… But I imagine there will be a few weeks of boxes being made first. :wink:




So happy to see that deliveries have resumed. Congratulations and happy laser-ing.


Get more Draftboard.

It really is the best thing going for trying new stuff. I’m a Draftboard fanboi now! (And I wasn’t initially thinking I’d ever be much interested in PG :smile: )


I definitely ordered a bunch of draftboard. :smiley: