It's Data Time, v2

I’m currently working as an operations engineer at a national science facility. Naturally all of our data and systems use UTC time… NOT, so I need to quickly convert MST to/from UTC pretty much all day long. My original plan was a pair of clocks with the two time zones, but I share a small office with almost zero wall space.

Glowforge to the rescue! I just built a clock out of Draftboard featuring a rotating outer bezel that indicates UTC. Since the delta is always 6 or 7 hours (stupid DST…), the bezel allows just enough travel to adjust it twice a year.

This will eventually be made out of a finished wood, tbd, with properly-sized hands, but as you’ll see below the draftboard worked perfectly, allowing me to make notes and registration marks as I modified the design on the fly.


Bonus points if you can figure where PG saved the day… :wink:


Spectacular idea! (You’re pretty darned handy with those ring things!) :grinning:


Thanks, it comes from running around in circles all day long. :rofl:


Very clever!

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Pure genius! You should patent it!

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Way to conserve wall space!

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