Its gotta happen today

I placed my order on day 28th of the campaign (Oct 22nd, 2015). My estimated shipping notification day says today Dec 7th as the email day… I’m anxious!

How ever the banner on top of the forum site says they’re sending the emails on orders placed on day 29th of the campaign for Basic orders… either that’s wrong or I got my dates mixed up. Regardless today is the 7th and i’ll go by that.

I’ll report later with the good news… I hope.



Dont forget to whitelist glowforge emails, so they dont get sent to your spam or promotional folder :blush:


Oct 22 was day 29. But at least they are working on your day.


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I think I’m covered in that regard but I’ll double check just in case…

Thanks !

lol I made the calculations a while ago, I guess I got it mixed by a day with all the suspense.

Thx for the clarification.


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My basic was ordered on Oct. 22nd, 2015 and my shipping notification date says Dec, 13 at this time, may its about to drop another few days?

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Dec 8th and still no email. in addition, the estimated shipping info for my Glowforge is gone the only info available is for the filter…
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I also emailed support 4 days ago and no answer…

Now what?

Looks like theyre still working on day 29. We don’t really know how many people ordered that day, so there might be a lot of people to get through.

If its any consolation, my estimated date disappeared around the time I got my email about shipping, so I dont think thats a bad sign.

I also had a Dec 7th date on my account page and it’s gone missing… staying patient:slight_smile:

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If your date has disappeared they may think they’ve sent you email.

Our shipping date said Dec 6 and it disappeared from the page last night. Still no email tho. We also ordered on Oct 22nd. So what’s going on? I’m getting worried.