It's May, who's excited?

April was the target for “thousands of units per month”, which was pretty thrilling by itself, and now we’re into the even more exciting part of the timeline: “Most customers will get their deliveries in May through August”. Most customers includes me, and May through August includes now, so I’m on the edge of my seat. Will it be waiting on my doorstep when I get home? Could be!


You will get an email first.
Make sure and post here immediately! :smile:


Unless you got the email asking for your shipping info, I wouldn’t put great odds on it being on your doorstep when you get home.


Great to be excited. Sucks to be disappointed. I’ve said it before, might as well say it again… Keep thinking “August it will ship. Might arrive in September.” Then you won’t get disappointed.


I’m pretty sure that the “pro” is going to be delayed or be on Aug 31st…


Ya know, you live close enough that you could park outside the building, and survey the look on the team’s faces as they go home. If it is a dead tired look then post “condition yellow”. If they skip out the door, then start clearing your desk.


I like to use this phrase that I learned from another fellow Glowforger (Sorry - I forgot who it was, but thank you!)

I’m “cautiously optimistic!” :grin:


Or … “a rigid state of flexibility” when it comes to the delivery schedule. :glowforge:


Excitement returns when email with shipping confirmation comes. Till then, cautious optimism that the may update will still have us on track for August for all pre-order deliveries.


I am within a few hundred yards twice a day as my bus heads through town.
Maybe I need to invest in some good binoculars…


I get excited at the beginning of every month thinking we’ll get word that this will be the month the line starts rolling. Without them saying they’re ready and without anyone posting saying they got their golden ticket (also known as holy grail or shipping email) I just sit here buzzing with not quite excitement not quite dread, I think I’ll just call it pent up anticipation


Wait, I have a Golden Ticket.
I thought I missed my shot, 'cause it says I was supposed to be at the Front Gates at 10am (sharp!) on Feb 1st.

Says nothing about a delivery address, nor Glowforge, just some Wonky name.


I was really excited in November. I don’t know if it is the heat, or just over exhaustion, but I have certainly lost enthusiasm for the machine. I bet I will get excited when I start hearing people get their production units!


My excitement died off a couple of months ago. I guess it’s the whole “a watched pot never boils” thing. It felt promising when we had that burst of PRUs, but then that flow seemed to dry up right as they were supposed to have been been hitting a point where “thousands” of units were to be rolling off the line. Not sure how to take that…

While I have a fat list of what I want to do with it, I’m feeling pretty meh about the GF in general lately, and I’ve only popping in here every couple of days because seeing what the PRU people are making is starting to feel like salt in the wound. Maybe it’s summer, maybe I have bigger fish to fry, maybe part of me is trying to simplify my life, or maybe deep down I’m preparing myself for another delay. (which would trigger my cancellation)

I kinda feel like if the next update doesn’t have lots of actual info about the current status versus “we’re on schedule”, that can only be a bad thing - especially since we know of no Pros in the wild yet.

Or maybe I’m just projecting my frustrations because my new boss is a grossly unqualified psycho. :skull_crossbones:


You pretty much summed up my attitude too.

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I think a lot of people here have summed up how I feel, if the May announcement brings good news I’ll be excited then. If the delay AGAIN, I may seriously ponder the future of having a Glowforge as it will be getting close to the two year mark.

I can’t get excited because I don’t think thousands were made in April, or hundreds through February and March. I doubt a hundred have been made in total, we have only seen a trickle of pre-production machines and not a single production machine.

So I will be very surprised if I get my pro with filter delivered to the UK this year and not at all surprised if I never get what I ordered.


I just hope that Dan posts the monthly update tomorrow so if it’s bad news I can read it while drinking a margarita, and if it is good news I can read it while drinking a margarita.


Today would be a good for a post also. Star Wars Day and lasers are made for each other.

I’d love to hear @dan say “May the Forge be with you - soon”.


I’m beside myself. So excited. I have a day off that I’m saving just to use the day after mine arrives.

As soon as I get my email I’ll post here, in as non-bragging a tone as I’ll be able to manage.

Now of course, I have a short trip planned at the end of the month and so naturally it will arrive as I’m leaving for the airport.