Its not printing correctly

I was making dovetail boxes and they are not coming out right. The pattern is correct but when it prints they are off just a little that the boxes will not go together. I checked the alignment and it was off a little so I calibrated the machine. I then ran an alignment check again it was right on.

I printed this. The pattern is perfectly lined up. The 3 layers should be the same but they are all slightly off. The word should be centered. On 2 of them (the ones on the right & left.) the circle did not meet up. I had to cut the wood by hand to get it off the background.

HELP. I have never had this problem before. I have several orders that are time sensitive that need to be made.

Circles not meeting up correctly are an indication of a cracked wheel or incorrect belt tension.


Would this be a wheel on the part that carries the laser head and the belt that moves the head?

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Start and end of cuts not lining up can also be caused by the laser arm being crooked. There’s a guide for fixing that as well:


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