It's shipping deadline day

Well, it’s now the day when Michael B at Glowforge said that my Glowforge Pro would be shipping. Let’s see if they break yet ANOTHER promise.

First they stated on their website “order today to receive by Christmas”…
I did.
They didn’t.

Last I heard (on 12/23) was that my Glowforge would ship on 12/30. Well, it’s 12/30, I sure hope the packing slip is printing as I type this or I will be one IRATE customer…

Did you mean to open a support ticket? Because that’s what posting in Problems and Support does…

More tickets please!!!

Well, it’s not like opening more support tickets slows things down, like delaying shipping orders… :slight_smile:


You aren’t endearing yourself to the community you are trying to join. Settle down before you just wind up on ignore lists of the people you will eventually want to pick their brains for tips, tricks and general information. And yes… those are the people that tend to read or skim every post.


I’m not joking about anything.

Redundant or inappropriate posts in this forum are a huge issue for the tech support staff. It’s meant for technical support issues, and each new thread opens a new support ticket.



FYI - I’m not trying to join ANY community - I PURCHASED A PRODUCT AND I WANT IT DELIVERED.

Feel free to put me on your ignore list - you’ve made mine.

Apparently I do need some help - where is the IGNORE button?

Dunno… But please. Find it quickly.


It’s not a button. However, you can do it by clicking on your avatar in the upper right, click again on your name, click on Preferences and then Users. Partway down the page is a button to add a user to your ignore list (under the list of ignored users which will likely say something like “You have no ignored users”).


I’m having the same issue and no response from a real person just robotic messages. You can still go to the website and order one. Why do you still take orders when you can’t deliver the ones that were already purchased. The only thing that was processed extremely fast was the money coming out of my account.

Moving this out of P&S since it’s inappropriate for that area of the forum.


Got a FedEx notification for 2 packages due here next week. Could it be?

Well??? We are all waiting with bated breath to know if you got them or not! :smiley:

A huge chunk of people here waited 2 years to get their glowforges and still really love the product and company despite the delays. Many even longer than that. So you probably aren’t going to get a ton of sympathy or commiseration about having to wait 2 weeks.

Not that your experience wasn’t disappointing or frustrating. Just that, you know, perspective or whatever.

Hope you love your new glowforge!


For example…


BTW, Glowforge was never a Kickstarter project.


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