Its stuck on "Rendering"

Nothing will currently load into the app. Everything was working fine Christmas Eve. Nothing has loaded since. I’ve done all the troubleshooting. Its not my router speed. I have a solid 102 mbps. Help!

Clear your browser cache and/or use a different browser. Also, try opening a known file such as a Glowforge file like the Gift of Good Measure.


Yeah I’ve cleared out the cache. Let me try that file real quick. Heck it took me forever just to get onto the forum. All other web pages load fine. I’ll let you know in a sec.

Hmmm,that loaded right up. That makes no sense. I’ve used the other file multiple times recently. Strange. Thank you for the help.

Is it the file you were using on Christmas eve, or a different file? Individual files can cause problems. Bringing it into Inkscape and saving it or other vector program will sometimes fix those issues.

If you have used it multiple times it should be on your dashboard?

Hi @april.carden. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been running into some trouble with designs getting stuck rendering as you try to load them in the Glowforge App. It sounds like the Gift of Good Measure was able to load fine. To help me narrow down any pontential causes, can you post a copy of a design that is failing to render? You may also try to email the design file to with the reference ticket number 379600.

I can review that, and try to reproduce the issue on my end to find the best next steps for any fix. Thank you!