It's that kinda season

When its not deer season its beer season of course. I have been selling these for $12 a peice at two of my local community stores, do you guys think thats a good/fair price or am I shorting myself on it? I am only selling locally right now don’t have a online shop thats why I didn’t up it higher for a smaller target source right now.

Second and most import question is if I were to sell unlimited print files to this what would you charge to someone wanting to buy the files? Took about an hour and a half to two hours to put together. Would $20 be to much or to cheap. If it was you what would you spend on a file like this if you really wanted it. And if I were to sell it would you feel safe taking payment through facebook messenger payment and then emailing the buyer the files after? ALL input is welcome good, bad, and ugly.

This brings me to the next question would something like this be cool to put on the catalog once we can submit files and if so any idea when the catalog user files are coming out or is that out the window at this point?

Anyways here’s the photos everyone came to see lol:

Here is what the display at the store looks like currently to save shelf space, I need to stain the base like others have suggested to make it look like not all one product. But they seem to be selling we with in the first day.

Here’s a link to video of print if interested:


Looks good. Always love looking at your stuff.

I would say $12 -$15 in the physical store and if possible, another $5-$10 if you can customize it with the buyer’s name or something.

For an online store, I’m cheap. I’d say $5. But I’m curious how you would manage the limited/unlimited prints. How would you stop them from just doing unlimited? As for payments, I haven’t done the FB method, but I wouldn’t have a problem doing it. I bought a lot of templates a little while back and payed paypal and they emailed them to me.

Yea idk how you would manage that so I’d sell all of mine unlimited.

As for the cost for files I can see it on the cheaper side because of resellable but also on the higher side due to time put in making it. Just trying to judge what others would sell there’s for.

Cute! I really like how you did the reflections on the bottle.

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I would look around etsy or creative market and see what digital files for something of a similar complexity are commanding. While artists and creators will tell you to charge what you’re worth, that advice, which is very good, breaks down once you leave the world of custom commissions. Assuming no one, ever, anywhere, has made something similar to this you could obtain a design patent. Of course you’d have to hire lawyers to defend it like Apple did when they sued Samsung over the look of Samsung’s smartphones. It’s been an entertaining fight to watch from the sidelines with one side losing and then winning on an appeal and then losing on the next appeal and so forth until very recently when it looks like they settled. Undoubtedly the lawyers all bought opulent new mansions, but I’m not sure anyone else won.

So that leaves you with what the market is commanding. Because while you spent your time on it, the question is how long would it take for a potential purchaser to recreate it? The combination of wood color, grain and the way the shadowing is engraved on the bottle makes it a masterpiece of folk art. But would someone looking to make a quick buck at craft fairs care??? Essentially, you’re pricing of the digital files isn’t about your effort and brilliance it’s about undercutting their motivation to steal.

As for your pricing of the physical goods, are you making money? If you’re not making money, are you gaining good will with your distribution chain you can build on with your next product? How well are they selling and will they continue to sell? It’s possible they could be selling too well and a price increase before the holidays is required, or sales could crater after initial enthusiasm at something new abates.


Thank you for all the input this is all good info. I am still making money off of it at this price since I cut all the wood down and sand it myself. I will have to look into similar files like you suggested. If this was a design you were interested in how much do you think would be a fair price for it?

This all relates to the digital file, not a physical good. So the problem with your question, one you had no reason to suspect, is that I’m convinced I’m an outlier when it comes to spending money. In other words head in the opposite direction. If I just wanted one for a friend or myself? $5-$10, maybe $20 if I just had to have it. For the right to reproduce, a lot. A comma in the price wouldn’t necessarily scare me. But when I think of adding a product to a business I think in terms of setting up a product number, a BOM, a MP, website description, shoot, etc…, training customer service, creating marketing materials, a launch plan, scheduling manufacturing time, etc… A one person shop making items for their website and a stable of stores doesn’t think that way, so maybe $40-$120. So, I don’t really know.

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Most stores won’t bother without a 50% markup at least so I’d keep your price low and let the stores enjoy your product a while. That will keep the door open for potentially more designs in the future. (“Take the long view,” as my grandpa used to say.)