It's the hardest thing I'll ever have to do


To turn around and walk away, pretending I don’t love you…

It’s finally here!! But that song is my current mood lol
The earliest I can unbox it is Friday because I’m a horrible procrastinator and I have yet to make my tables and DH would kill me if I unloaded these beasts on the dining table…

The boxes are mostly intact, but there was only 1 handle left. At least it’s here! I cannot wait to unbox them!


TWO? There is someone in line that won’t get a GF tomorrow because you got greedy. Kidding of course.

Use one GF as a table for the other.


Congratulations! Good luck ignoring it…


Room in front of the fireplace - or even inside it considering the season.
Just sayin…


You are a horrible person. :wink:


1 handle out of 8? I wouldn’t bother buying any lottery tickets… :stuck_out_tongue:


Two Glowforges deserve two Likes, but I can only give one. So here’s the other: :purple_heart:


WOW!!! Twice the fun! Congratulations!!


Are you planning to name them something like “Romulus and Remus” or other well known historical twins?


TWO?! So jelly here, sister. Can’t wait to see what you make.


FWIW… I put mine on our (nice) (new) dining room table temporarily. The only scratch-threat is the crumb tray, and I just kept that on a towel until i was ready to install it.


Are you going to have dueling Glowforges? You should have dueling Glowforges. :crossed_swords:






Oh, I’m not worried about scratching my dining table, mine’s old. DH just doesn’t like clutter, even if it’s a few days… Thanks though!


How long after the proofgrade shipment was your actual Glowforge?


I got mine the same day (though there was a 3 or 4 day UPS shipping delay for the materials)


Interesting. My materials are being delivered today, with no indication from UPS that another package is on its way.


They are still dispatching pros from the 26th Sept bunch of emails, so I guess yours is a little way off dispatch yet.


Yah, the ticker hasn’t moved off day 6 for Pros in quite some time now. At this rate the shipping notification banner needs to advance more than once per day to keep up with the latest batch of emails.